Pest Company Says Chicago Has Most Rats of Any City

PestWeb by Univar Keep an eye out, Chicago. The Windy City…
November 6, 2014/by Rachel Owrutsky

Restaurants Use Bags of Water to Keep the Flies Away

Restaurants swear that hanging water bags keep flies out of the…
October 27, 2014/by Rachel Owrutsky

Just saw ANOTHER stink bug?

Dr. Jim Fredericks Thursday, October 4, 2012   NPMA explains…
October 21, 2014/by Rachel Owrutsky

Fall Prevention Tips – Pests, Be Gone!

Want to prevent mice, spiders and other pests from getting into…
September 30, 2014/by Rachel Owrutsky

Lurking in Your Chutes: What you don’t know CAN hurt you

Servicing trash chutes is key, especially when you consider tenants…
August 24, 2014/by Rachel Owrutsky

Doctor’s Remedies for Insect Bites & Stings

Dr. Jorge Prada from the National Pest Management Association…
July 22, 2014/by Rachel Owrutsky

How to Have the Best July 4th!

Don't let uninvited pests spoil your picnic this weekend! Thanks…
July 4, 2014/by Rachel Owrutsky

VIDEO: How to Check a Room For Bed Bugs

From the American Academy of Dermatology How to Check a Room…
June 28, 2014/by Rachel Owrutsky

‘Rats!’ Wistful Glances Help Scientists Discover Rodent Regret

'Rats!' See how wistful glances helped scientists discover rodent…
June 18, 2014/by Rachel Owrutsky

Ant Algorithms: Google’s Next Challenge

A new study claims the complex system ants use to seek out and…
May 29, 2014/by Rachel Owrutsky

Pest-Free Home Environment is Key to Preventing Asthma and Allergies

 National Pest Management Association Partners with Asthma and…
May 19, 2014/by Rachel Owrutsky

Get ‘Tick’ed-off During Lyme Disease Awareness Month

RISE Offers Tips and Safety Measures for Protection from Ticks…
May 12, 2014/by Rachel Owrutsky

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