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Lurking in Your Chutes: What you don’t know CAN hurt you

Servicing trash chutes is key, especially when you consider tenants disposing of their trash improperly, in torn or leaking bags, or none at all. In light of this, it’s hard to believe that proper trash chute hygiene and maintenance is often overlooked until there is a violation or a blockage.

In the heat of summer, the breeding environment in compactors and chutes is particularly suitable for pests to flourish. Sludgy chutes are breeding grounds for bacteria and a major source of nourishment for roaches and rodents who carry their own diseases and germs. Anyone unfortunate enough to cut themselves on a trash chute door, or to touch a door with an open wound on their hand, can end up with a dangerous infection.

Additionally, these unkempt chutes are highly combustible because they contain grease. A small trash room fire can turn into a major conflagration, leaving residents homeless, if not hurt. The chute acts like a chimney, sucking flames and smoke upwards. Trash chute doors that don’t self-close and self-latch allow the fire and smoke to escape into the corridors of the building, spreading the danger.

Don’t wait another day – call us now to find out how our chute cleaning services can give you peace of mind.

We service your chutes with a customized blend of detergents and enzymes to ensure long-lasting disintegration of organic material. Our dusting method protects from pests and our exclusive disinfectant withstands odors long after treatment. Our refuse and linen chute doors are fabricated entirely of 304 stainless steel, a locking T-Handle and rubber baffles for refuse doors. All makes and models installed, repaired and maintained.


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Global Attends BLDGs NY Event

BLDGS - Ron & Paula smilingGlobal-Pest-Control-DGB - Expo bannerBREAKING NEWS! Global’s booth is going strong at the BLDGs NY show in the Javits center! Visit us at Booth 539, where our own Ron Levi and Paula Ragusa are on hand to give you a sample of the personality and professionalism we deliver to each of our customers.


Global Attends LandlordsNY Property Management Event

GLOBAL ATTENDS LANDLORDSNY EVENT – More than 40 participants took advantage of our free passes to last week’s LandlordsNY Property Management Symposium, hosted in the stunning Roosevelt Hotel. Property managers, landlords and building owners attended sessions targeted to their specific needs.Sam Grauman, of LandlordsNY, and his capable staff guided Global each step of the way. Our booth was the first to greet participants in the Expo Hall and featured our own Ron Levi, V.P., Sales and Paula Ragusa, Sales Associate, who represent Global’s gold standard in customer engagement and satisfaction.

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It’s how we’re helping our customers make 2014 the best year ever!

We’re celebrating our new online presence with our best promotion yet:

ONE FREE HOUR OF K-9 INSPECTION for our new and existing customers!

Only days ago, within minutes of launching the offer, we were contacted by clients who wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to personally witness the efficiency and accuracy of a K-9 inspection. Already, testimonials are flowing in from those who had previously considered such an inspection to be too costly to try.

Not anymore.

Now they have no doubt that K-9 inspections save them time and money in the end. No more guessing, no more hassle.

Schedule your free hour of K-9 today or, please, let someone else know about our offer. We’re ready to make a difference in alleviating the headache of bed bug infestations so that 2014 can be the best year ever for those who own or manage properties.

(Hurry! Offer expires 2.28.14)


Happy Holidays in the sand

Warmest Wishes from Global

Wishing you health and happiness this Holiday Season and prosperity in the New Year.

 We value your business and look forward to continuing our partnership in the coming year and beyond.

All the best to you and your family, 

The Staff at Global


Spread the word!

It’s Monday – a new week! And business as usual here at Global Pest Control, with yet another customer calling in to thank us for our customer service (we just LOVE that!) and let us know how she was inspired to donate her clothing to Goodwill.


Used clothing and furniture is the most common way for bed bugs to transfer. This kind gesture could have horrific ramifications for the recipients. Imagine helping to escort these awful guests into someone else’s home! And bed bugs jump – meaning these items could infest the entire store.

Spread the word!

When de-cluttering bed bug infested areas, unwanted items should be wrapped in plastic, labeled as ‘bed bug infested’ and placed curbside. Much safer – and responsible – would be to include these items in the bed bug treatment and get rid of them after. Safest of all is to forgo taking any furniture or other items left by a curb or dumpster and make sure to launder and place into the dryer any clothing from a thrift store – including what you wore when you walked into it. Take pro-active steps to avoid providing these annoying pests an entry into your life!


Happy Veteran’s Day

Pictured here is an original plate from the 1947 ceremony commemorating the establishment of the US Air Force as separate and equal element of the US armed forces.

On this Veteran’s Day, Global Property Services salutes all those who fought and continue to defend the liberties which we freely enjoy today. THANK YOU!