Comprehensive List of Extermination Chemicals:

Global Extermination Chemicals as of 3 – 14 pdf


Individual Extermination Chemicals List:

The following Labels, Manuals, SDS & MSDS are current to the best of our knowledge:


12455-122_T1_Rat pdf

12455-122_T1_Rat_MSDS pdf

12455-121-T1_Mouse_MSDS pdf

Advance 360A Label2 pdf

Advance 360A MSDS pdf

Advion Roach Gel pdf

Black-Carpet-Beetle MSDS pdf

BP-100-LABEL pdf

BP 100 MSDS  pdf

BTI Briquets MSDS pdf

CimeXa Insecticide Dust MSDS pdf

CimeXa Dust Label pdf

Contrac Blox pdf

CB-80 pdf

Ditrac TP pdf

Excite R pdf 

Fastrac_All-Weather Blox – MSDS pdf

Fastrac_All-Weather Blox Label pdf

Final Soft Bait Bucket pdf

First Strike pdf

Gentrol pdf

Invade Hot Spot Label pdf

InVade Hot Spot MSDS pdf

Liqua-Tox_II_MSDS pdf

Max Force FC Roach Bait Gel_Label pdf

Max Force Fly Spot MSDS_10_2006 pdf

Max Force Fly Spot Bait Specimen Label pdf

Max Force Roach Bait Stations Label pdf

Max Force Roach Bait Stations-MSDSpdf

Max Force Select LB pdf

Natural Catch Plus MSDS EPA NA 4.5.96 pdf

Niban pdf

Optigard pdf

Orthene pdf

Phantom Termiticide-l pdf

Phantom Termiticide MSDS pdf

Precor 2000 Plus Label pdf

Precor 2000 Plus MSDS pdf

Precor Plus Fogger MSDS pdf

Precor Fog Specimen Label pdf

Rozol TP pdf

Shockwave Fogging Concentrate pdf

Talstar Granular Insecticide pdf

Tempo SC Ultra pdf

Time SC Ultra pdf

TranTime SC Ultra pdf

Transport Mikron Ins 09-28-12 Comm pdf

Tri Die-MSDS pdf

Tri-Die Pressurized Silica pdf

Wasp Freeze Label pdf

Wasp Freeze MSDS pdf