Valentine heart put into envelope


Thank you envelopes - revised 2.17.14If you’ve ever met a Global employee then you won’t be surprised to discover how our staff rises to the challenge of inclement weather.  Every effort is made to help employees get safely to and from the office. Yet when winter storm Pax slammed the region last week, we were presented with the biggest challenge of the season.

Remote phone systems and computer access ensured our customer care department continued servicing and scheduling without interruption. Those further challenged (blessed!) with kids home from school got even more creative to ensure there would be time to focus on their tasks.

One employee took things to an entirely new level. When school was canceled, she knew she had to get creative! Thursday morning, her children woke to a wall of 25 envelopes, each labeled with a required task: Open after you make your bed and clean your room. Open after reading time. Open after you call Grandma. Open after you shovel and clear off the cars. And a freebie: Open because I love you.

Inside the envelopes were tickets with prizes listed: You’ve just earned one hour on the Xbox! You’ve just earned an iced coffee! You’ve just earned a puzzle! You’ve just earned an hour of family game time! And their favorites: You’ve just earned one hour of watching the Winter Olympics! And last but not least, a scratch-off lottery card in the hopes of free tuition for a college education.

The envelopes were a big hit and created a productive atmosphere in what would have been an unstructured day. Global creativity strikes again!

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