Innovative-solutions1Revolutionizing Standards in the Industry

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Global recognizes IPM as the most effective method to resolve pest problems. We use it to:

  • Accurately identify pests.
  • Assess pest issues.
    • New clients receive comprehensive building assessments to evaluate total service needs.
  • Provide guidelines when management action is needed and detailed documents, if necessary.
  • Monitor sites through pro-active inspections in order to prevent future pest problems.
    • As part of our comprehensive treatment plan, locations are inspected regularly to assess any changes in the service needs of the property. This includes evaluating the conditions of construction areas.
  • Utilize a combination of solutions that minimize risk to people and the environment.
Technician Training

In addition to ongoing monthly training, technicians receive continuous updates regarding current legal regulations and safety standards.

Global Quality Control  includes site visits to monitor technician treatments and determine ongoing or changing service needs.

Customer Service That Exceeds Expectations

Clients are guided through a detail-oriented process, tailored to individual needs.